Fans Wants Nicolas Cage To Play Superman After Henry Cavill

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The internet has spoken. People have been weighing in on who could possibly replace Henry Cavill after the Justice League star has retired from being the DC Extended Universe's Superman. A huge majority of the votes are in favor of the one and only Nicolas Cage.

It's no secret that Cage has always wanted to play Superman. He almost did in the ill-fated Tim Burton film Superman Lives. Photos from a costume test for that particular flick has once again been making the rounds on Twitter as fans campaign for the National Treasure star to take over for Cavill.


Although we are still hoping that Cavill will be brought back to play Kal-El in yet another DCEU film, the idea of Cage being the new Superman is a fascinating one. It is unlikely that Warner Bros. will consider it but that hasn't stopped people from supporting Cage.

Cage has already played Superman, or at least voiced the character, in Teen Titan Go! To The Movies. He also portrayed Johnny Blaze in the two Ghost Rider films and provided the voice of Spider-Man Noir in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. In addition to that, Cage appeared as a character who wore a Batman suit in Kick-Ass.

Warner Bros is reportedly eyeing several young actors to replace Cavill. It has even been reported that Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan is being considered for the role. If this is the case, there is a possibility that Clark Kent will be written out and the Final Crisis Superman Calvin Ellis will be introduced.

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