17 Nov 2018 12:43 PM +00:00 UTC

Stephen Amell Shares Hilarious Elseworlds BTS Story About The Flash Suit

They might look awesome on screen, but costumes can be a little restrictive for most actors. Just ask Arrow star Stephen Amell, who found himself somehow "branded" by the new Flash suit he had to wear for the Arrowverse crossover event Elseworlds.

Amell recently took to Twitter to share the hilarious behind-the-scenes story. In the post, it is revealed that his wife Cassandra Jean found a clothing tag on his butt. The only known culprit of the random tagging appears to be The Flash suit in Elseworlds. Check out the tweet below.

You might think Amell is the only one who has to suffer such an embarrassing branding because of a tight costume. However, Krypton actor Cameron Cuffe actually admitted that this has happened to him as well. Take a look at his response below.

"For a long time, I'd lived with the shame of believing I was the only actor this had ever happened to. Glad to know I'm not alone!" Cuffe wrote. As one fan pointed out, it looks like the DC characters have more in common other than being forced into an arranged marriage with a woman named Nyssa.


Amell's post is just one of several awesome updates he has shared from the highly anticipated crossover event. In Elseworlds, Oliver Queen (Amell) will find himself trading lives with Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). The official teaser for the event shows Oliver waking up in Barry's bed and being kissed by Barry's wife Iris West (Candace Patton). There is little doubt that things will be very confusing for the heroes this December.

Elseworlds kicks off with the Supergirl episode, which will air on The CW on December 9.

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