26 Oct 2018 2:49 PM +00:00 UTC

Stephen Amell Shares Bloody Photo From Arrowverse Elseworlds Set

It looks like the upcoming Arrowverse crossover event is going to be a difficult one for the heroes. Stephen Amell has shared a disturbingly bloody image from the Elseworlds set.

Amell has been keeping fans updated on what's happening behind the scenes of the highly anticipated crossover. The Arrow Season 7 star has previously posted pictures of his co-stars having fun and in high spirits. However, a recent tweet suggests that someone in one of the CW shows will be severely injured. Take a look at the post below.

Amell added a funny caption as if to lighten the mood. "This years [sic] crossover feels like it has a lightness that we haven't really seen before in the Arrowverse," he wrote.


Naturally, people were concerned about the amount of blood on the operating table. There were speculations that it might involve a villain who escapes from Arkham Asylum. On the other hand, some believe it could mean that one of the heroes will be badly wounded. Could it be Oliver Queen or Barry Allen? Hopefully, the characters won't have to suffer too much this year.

People also joked about the image saying that it looks like Amell stumbled into the Supernatural set instead of Elseworlds. Interestingly, Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles recently visited the Arrowverse set, prompting rumors that he will appear in the crossover event. However, Ackles was merely saying hello to his friends Amell and Grant Gustin.

Elseworlds will be a three-night event in three different CW shows. The crossover kicks off with the Supergirl episode on December 9. It will be followed by the Arrow episode on December 10 and conclude with The Flash on December 11.

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