Status of Matt Reeves' The Batman Possibly Updated

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Recently we've been getting news that Matt Reeves has finished his script for The Batman, but after that, we have gotten nothing about the film. Thanks to an update from Geek World Wide's KC Walsh, the movie is currently undergoing its second draft and is confirmed to star a younger Batman.

This is Walsh's tweet:


This could come as bad news to some fans who were eager to have Ben Affleck come back as the Caped Crusader, but just because the movie isn't going to be set in the present, doesn't mean that Affleck can't make an appearance. Even the period piece Wonder Woman still had some scenes set in the present.

Though I would have loved to continue the story of the DCEU, I guess a prequel series could work for The Batman. After all, Batfleck is introduced as a Batman far from his prime. It would be interesting to see him before he starts getting disillusioned about the world. Maybe we could even see him partnering up with his first Robin. We haven't gotten an onscreen Robin since the 90s, and no, Joseph Gordon-Levitt from The Dark Knight Rises does not count.

Personally, I wanted the movie to take on two simultaneous stories—one with Batfleck trying to solve a crime in the present, and another one with him in the past solving a connected crime. That way, we can still have Batfleck, and we also have the newer, young Batman.

Then again, until WB confirms anything, we should just take this with a grain of salt.

No official release date has been set for Matt Reeves' The Batman.

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