Starfire's Sister Blackfire Will be a Series Regular in Titans Season 3

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Titans Season 2 has come and gone but fans are already looking forward to Titans Season 3. The major ramifications of Season 2 are going to be felt hard, while Robin officially becoming Nightwing has a lot of fans pumped up for his new identity. It seems like we're also getting more Tamaranean drama as TV Line has confirmed that Blackfire will be returning in Season 3 as a regular.

Played by Damaris Lewis, she first appeared in Titans Season 2 and played a prominent role in everything Tamaranean related. Blackfire and Starfire have always had a sibling rivalry in the comics and Teen Titans cartoon so this should be a fun dynamic now that these two will appear more often together in the next season.


How her character progresses in Titans Season 3 is going to be interesting, though it's not yet clear if she will be a full-on villain or an anti-hero. Blackfire is mostly a villain in the comics, often making her sister's life hell for the sake of the Tamaranean Empire but the DC Universe series has done a number of changes before and could do that for her.

Fans will likely be pleased by the news since Blackfire is a fan-favorite villain in the Teen Titans lore. I mean, why would they keep introducing her if fans didn't like her (or like to hate her). Here is hoping that she's a fun addition to the main cast.

All of Titans Season 2 can be streamed on DC Universe. Titans Season 3 currently has no release date.

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