Star Wars: Yoda's Creator Feels That Updating Him For The Prequels Was a Mistake

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Introduced in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda has become one of the most popular parts of pop culture and continues to be referenced to this day. Even non-Star Wars know who he is, so many were legitimately surprised that he appeared in The Last Jedi. How he has been used over the years post-Return of the Jedi has been a matter of debate but it looks like his original creator isn't a fan of his look in the prequels.

Nick Maley, a veteran special effects artist who also specializes in makeup, revealed that he wasn't a fan of Yoda's look in The Phantom Menace, which he considers an outdated puppet. During the For The Love of Sci-Fi convention, the artist felt that updating an old puppet wasn't great for keeping it modern.

"They built a puppet for Episode I: The Phantom Menace but made the mistake of trying to update Yoda. They re-sculptured him and made him out of a different material which was heavier. Then, because he was transparent instead of opaque, it meant light didn't hit him the same way so his colour wasn't the same. They also needed to put a stronger mechanism in so the result was a Yoda that looked quite different and generated a lot of criticism."

Maley feels that the color of the Jedi Master didn't look right in the prequels and the mechanism used to make Yoda move could have been better. In the end, CGI was used for the other films and that also got a mixed reaction. Thankfully, The Last Jedi used a puppet again for his latest appearance, and his role was also a pretty great one for those of us that actually liked that movie.

Yoda isn't expected to make an appearance in Star Wars: Episode IX, though he could always be a ghost ala the ending of Return of the Jedi. Only time will tell if we'll ever see Yoda in this franchise again, at least in movie form.

Star Wars: Episode IX comes out on December 20, 2019.

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