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Star Wars: Visions Producer Confirms Anime Series is NOT Canon

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Anyone who has watched Star Wars: Visions was probably blown away by the exciting new stories set in the Star Wars Universe. But are the stories in the anime anthology series actually considered canon? Executive producer James Waugh and producer Kanako Shirasaki have addressed the issue and assures fans that none of the episodes are actually canon.

Star Wars: Visions consists of nine amazing episodes from popular animation studios like Kamikaze Douga, Geno Studio, Trigger, and Science SARU. The episodes themselves feature completely new characters who are just as intriguing as the ones we already know and love in the Star Wars Universe. However, none of these new stories can be considered canon, at least not for now.

Waugh and Shirasaki recently spoke to CNET about Visions where they were asked if any elements of the show could be brought into canon. Their response pretty much confirmed that it won't be happening directly.

"Not immediately, but it might influence the next generation of creators," Shirasaki said. Waugh agreed, stating that "every piece of Star Wars influences future Star Wars storytellers in some form or the other."

"So are there plans to integrate Visions into the timeline saga storytelling? Not currently, but I have no doubt that we will see things that were in Visions become part of the fabric of Star Wars over the next decades," Waugh added.

The confirmation might be comforting for some fans who were concerned about Visions being considered canon since the episodes were so different from anything in the Star Wars Universe. Nevertheless, it's an amazing and exciting addition to the franchise and we can't wait to see new episodes soon.

All nine episodes of Star Wars: Visions are now streaming on Disney+.

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