Star Wars Toy Gives First Look at 'Heavy Infantry Mandalorian'

While we already have Star Wars figures for the Mandalorian and Cara Dune from the show, Hasbro is still holding out on some other characters in fear of spoilers. What's interesting is, a new leak from has given us a look at a Mando variant called the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian.

Check him out:

So far there hasn't been an official look at this Mando from the trailers, but he kind of looks like he's some kind of special infantry, complete with official Mandalorian armor. One big speculation about the show is that we're going to see the fall of Mandalore during the Clone Wars, and it's a good chance that it's that scene where we're going to meet this guy here.

If you know your Star Wars lore, you'll know that the Mandalorians are a warrior race in Star Wars who are notorious for their skills and signature armor. Since the show is going to focus on one specific Mandalorian, it would be interesting to see what kind of state his people are in, especially counting the events of the Clone Wars as well as the Galactic Civil War. Hopefully, we also get some Easter Eggs and hints at things that will be occurring in the Sequel Trilogy. I'm not saying anything is sure, but it would be great if we got a hint at Palpatine and why he's coming back for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Catch The Mandalorian when it debuts on Disney+ this coming Nov. 12.

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