Star Wars: The Mandalorian's Rick Famuyiwa on Directing [SPOILERS] in Chapter 2

We have been blessed with the second episode of The Mandalorian just three days after the premiere of the series and fans can't stop talking about the mysterious character that debuted in Chapter One. Not surprisingly, director Rick Famuyiwa was excited to work with the new character although he admits the idea of expanding on the story made him feel pressured.

WARNING! The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 2 spoilers ahead!

The second episode of The Mandalorian focused on the titular bounty hunter's new task of getting the target out of the planet. It's not easy considering that Jawas had scavenged his ship and he has to chase down a Sandcrawler to get the parts back. In addition to that, he gets injured and his tiny companion sometimes climbs out of his crib. But in the end, it's Baby Not-Yoda who saves the day by using the Force to help his companion.

So what was it like getting to work on an awesome episode where the mysterious child shows off his powers? Famuyiwa told Variety that he was excited to continue with Chapter One's surprise reveal.

"I was super pumped to sort of be able to come in and do the second one because there's so much that the end of the first episode sort of shook up and really changed for our main character," Famuyiwa said. "I love that I would be the person in the aftermath of that."

On the other hand, that's a huge responsibility, right? Famuyiwa realizes this soon enough. "Or maybe I shouldn't," he admitted. "Maybe I shouldn't love that so much because now I feel a lot of pressure, thank you."

Famuyiwa shouldn't be so worried. Chapter Two turned out to be amazing (that awesome fight on top of a moving Sandcrawler deserves an award, just saying) and we're now looking forward to seeing more of Baby Not-Yoda in action.

The first two episodes of The Mandalorian are currently streaming on Disney+.

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