Star Wars: The Mandalorian Used Footage from A New Hope

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The Mandalorian has been well-received by Star Wars fans, especially since its tone, look, and feel is reminiscent to that of the original trilogy. While new technology has allowed filmmakers and artists to achieve such great feats in making these stories come to life, The Mandalorian actually pulled some footage from A New Hope.

In a recent interview with ICG Magazine, ILM VFX supervisor Richard Bluff revealed which scenes they repurposed from the Star Wars movie. "There's a scene in episode five when Mando sees two Banthas off in the distance," he said. "I was adamant we shouldn't build a fully animated and rigged furry Bantha for just two shots and suggested we pull out the plates from A New Hope's dailies." Bluff says he knew he could "come up" with a shot design "to leverage" the said creatures from the clips.


In addition, another scene that used footage from A New Hope was when Mando was flying towards Tatooine. "We are actually seeing the [Ralphy McQuarrie] matte painting seen early in the original film," Bluff revealed. "We reused another painting of Mos Eisley for a fly-in," in which they sent a photographer to the exact spot where George Lucas shot the "original plate" to capture "high-res elements" so they could "up" the resolution as necessary.

Adding some shots from A New Hope was a really cool touch and is certainly one of the reasons why The Mandalorian feels like such a classic from Star Wars.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 is set for release in October 2020.

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