Star Wars: The Mandalorian Possibly Confirmed Sabine Wren's Fate After Rebels

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It's no secret that the final episode of The Mandalorian Season 1 was a lot to unload for Star Wars fans considering that it featured so many awesome Easter Eggs. For one, there were several references to the animated shows Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Interestingly, these clues may have revealed what happened to Sabine Wren after all these years.

In the season finale, Mando's real name was finally revealed to be Din Djarin (a detail that Pedro Pascal accidentally leaked before the show's premiere). In addition to that, fans got to see what truly happened to him when he was a child. In a flashback sequence, the young Djarin was actually saved by a Mandalorian fighter who is wearing the Death Watch sigil.


The Death Watch was once an elite group of Mandalorian warriors who tried to take over their own planet although it appeared that they finally joined a united banner in Star Wars Rebels. This could mean that Sabine managed to restore peace on Mandalore and reinstate the Death Watch as a group that would serve their people.

Interestingly, re-establishing the Death Watch isn't the only revelation about Sabine. In Rebels, she also happened to be in possession of the darksaber. However, The Mandalorian revealed that the weapon now belongs to Moff Gideon.

It's best to remember that the only way to wield the darksaber is to defeat its previous owner. Does this mean that Gideon defeated Sabine before the events in The Mandalorian? Hopefully, we'll get some answers in the second season.


Do you think Sabine's fate was revealed in The Mandalorian? Sound off in the comments below.

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