Star Wars: The Mandalorian Finally Reveals The Truth About Willrow Hood's 'Ice Cream Maker'

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He may have only appeared briefly in The Empire Strikes Back but there is little doubt that Willrow Hood is one of the most memorable characters in the Star Wars Universe. But what exactly was the deal with Willrow and that ice cream maker that he was toting around in Episode V? That little mystery will finally be revealed in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian.

The revelation comes from the extended clip that was screened during The Mandalorian's panel at Star Wars Celebration last April (via io9). Interestingly, it was confirmed that Willrow wasn't really carrying an ice cream maker; it was actually a safe called a camtono. In addition to that, the lockbox is reportedly displayed prominently in the series.


In the clip. Werner Herzog's character makes a deal with the titular Mandalorian in the show. He shows the bounty hunter a piece of beskar, which is a rare and valuable alloy from Mandalore. Herzog's guy then promises to give the Mandalorian a camtono full of beskar when he completes his mission.

So there you go, Willrow wasn't running around with an ice cream maker. It was something more valuable and his own camtono may have contained something truly precious to Willrow.

The Mandalorian is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ on November 12.

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