Star Wars: The Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson Praises Chewbacca Actor for Eating Porgs

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will still go down in infamy as a divisive film in this franchise, though it can rest easy knowing that people like it more than The Rise of Skywalker. The movie received plenty of praise for how it tried to subvert the usual Star Wars narrative but many also felt that it tried too hard in reaching that goal. Either way, those that hated the movie tend to nitpick every little piece of it, including the Porgs.

The Porgs are notable for a number of reasons but they sure are cute as a button, which is why we were so surprised when Chewbacca ended up almost eating some before befriending one of them. In an amusing post, the actor of Chewbacca shared a BTS photo of Johnson teaching him how to eat a Porg and the director teasingly praised him for it, claiming he is a "cruel, heartless, natural."

Porgs continue to be a controversial part of the Star Wars fandom though they do continue to be popular in certain circles. J.J. Abrams even brought them back in one scene during The Rise of Skywalker, showing some form of respect to what came before. The Last Jedi will definitely remain controversial to many Star Wars fans so expect more debates about it in the future.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now available on digital platforms and Disney+. Feel free to stream it on May 4th, when Disney+ completes the Star Wars Skywalker Saga.

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