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Star Wars Features First Look at The Clone Wars Order 66 Episode 'Shattered'

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is fast approaching its series finale, and now that we're down to the last few episodes of the series, Lucasfilm teases the next chapter to Ahsoka's story.

Sharing the very first look at this Friday's episode of The Clone Wars, Lucasfilm posts a brand new clip from "Shattered." In the last episode of the series, Ahsoka is finally able to confront Maul. Now that he's captured, Ahsoka will have to deliver the former Sith Lord to the Jedi Council. Unfortunately, the Star Wars website teases that "something unimaginable will change her life – and the galaxy forever."

We all know what that "something unimaginable" is of course. The Clone Wars is approaching the issuance of Order 66, and it seems like we're finally going to see the Jedi downfall in the upcoming episode, "Shattered."

You can check out the released clip down here:

"After successfully capturing Maul on Mandalore, Ahsoka plans to deliver him to the Jedi Council on Coruscant," the description of the clip reads. "When Order 66 is declared in the midst of her journey, her world is turned upside down. Friends become foes, and enemies become allies in "Shattered" this Friday, May 1 st, followed by the heart-pounding series finale "Victory and Death" on Monday, May 4 th on Disney+."

It definitely isn't going to be easy for Ahsoka. We can imagine how heartbreaking this episode is going to be for the former Jedi padawan as she sees the Jedi around her being slaughtered.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars continues with "Shattered" this Friday, May 1, 2020.

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