Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the Highest-Selling Blu-Ray in Japan

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Despite some people bashing the film for being one of the most divisive in the franchise, Star Wars: The Last Jedi manages to soar just looking at the hard numbers. Besides angering fanboys for the longest period of time, the movie has managed to reach another milestone, being the bestselling Blu-Ray in Japan.

As per Reddit, The Last Jedi had already sold 190 000 copies:

The Last Jedi is the best selling Blueray in Japan,having Sold over 190 000 Copies

As a big fan of TLJ, I was so shocked to see the reactions online and how some people ended up absolutely hating the movie. I, for one, was so glad that Rian Johnson was able to subvert everyone's expectations, and he gave us a Star Wars movie where nobody saw what was coming.


Some are expecting the upcoming Star Wars Episode IX to be some kind of "course correction" for the franchise, but I have to say I would prefer it if J.J. Abrams kept to the spirit of Johnson's movie and subverted all expectations. Honestly, The Force Awakens was a film that I thought was a weak entry in the sequel trilogy, but Johnson was able to take the characters from that film and grow them into something more complex.

Not to mention how Luke Skywalker was just handled perfectly; green milk-drinking and all.

Production is currently ongoing for Star Wars Episode IX, and a lot of fans are expecting our first look to arrive during 2019's Star Wars Celebration. If anything, there are also a lot of shows to watch out for, like Resistance, Galaxy of Heroes, and Jon Favreau's The Mandalorian.

Catch Star Wars Episode IX in theaters Dec. 20.


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