Star Wars: The Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson Just Wasn’t Invested In Exploring Snoke’s Backstory

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi might have enjoyed wave after wave of commercial and critical success after its release, but not everyone in the Star Wars fanbase appreciated how the risks the film took subverting fan expectations and taking the franchise to new directions.

One of the many issues that some fans have against the film is how it handled Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis). Though some understand that Snoke was used simply as a tool in the advancement of Kylo Ren's (Adam Driver) character development, others were outraged by how The Last Jedi disposed of the supreme leader before they could see learn more about the First Order head.


Now, speaking in an interview with What Culture,The Last Jedi Rian Johnson explains why Snoke didn't get as much of a backstory in The Force Awakens sequel.

"You have to remember I wrote the movie before The Force Awakens came out, so I didn't write in the context of 'oh all these people on Reddit are writing their theories on how he's Darth Plagueis' or whatever. It's not like I read all those theories and decided to defy them," Johnson says, defending himself against rabid fans hurt by the fact that the director didn't go with any of their Snoke theories online.

Johnson just simply wasn't as invested with Snoke as he was with Kylo Ren, seeing that the estranged son of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) would be perfect as one of the main points of interest in the film.

"To me, first of all, it just wasn't a question that I felt very interested in, mostly because I didn't feel like the character of Rey would be interested in it. It's not Snoke's story, I guess, so in that way he's very similar to the Emperor in the first trilogy, where we know exactly what we need to know about him. He's the powerful, shadowy emperor behind Vader in the first one, and now Kylo in this one.

Johnson of course makes sense. Though fans would have wanted to have Snoke last longer or to have some sort of long exposition explaining where Snoke came from, it just wouldn't fit in The Last Jedi. If the original trilogy didn't make room explaining Darth Sidous, then why should The Last Jedi?

What do you think about the whole matter? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is currently available on Digital HD and will be made available on Blu-Ray and DVD on March 27.

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