Star Wars: The Last Jedi Comic Shows Tender Scene Where Luke Mourns Han

Star Wars: The Last Jedi might not have enough time to focus on Luke grieving after learning about Han Solo's passing, but it looks like Marvel's comic book adaptation of the Star Wars sequel trilogy installment has all the time to check in on Luke's feelings.

Instead of cutting to Kylo Ren in an elevator in Supreme Leader Snoke's massive ship, the Supremacy, Star Wars: The Last Jedi Adaptation #1 by Harry Whitta sets aside time to focus on Luke after the Jed Master learns about Han's death.

Giving insight into Luke's inner voice, fans find Luke washing over in a wave of guilt learning too late about Han's death because he had pulled away from the Force. Not only did Luke decide to hide from the universe in the lonely planet of Ahch-To in The Last Jedi, he also decided to cut himself from the Force in the film. In the comic we see Luke regretting his decisions, thinking to himself that he would have known about Han's death and would have felt it had he stayed connected to the Force.

Though the film has Luke chasing Rey and Chewie out, the comic book adaptation see's Luke openly showing his inner turmoil. Things start floating around in Luke's hut, showing just how troubled Luke is over the news.

Then, something sweet and tender happens. Chewbacca reaches out to Luke, and gives him a solid embrace, calming the Jedi master down.

It's a pretty tender scene, and it would have probably worked well had it been included in The Last Jedi itself. But there's nothing that Lucasfilm can do now. What's done is done.

Lucasfilm's latest Star Wars release, Solo: A Star Wars Story hits cinemas on May 25.

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