27 Dec 2020 10:35 AM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Novelization Removed Finn and Rey Romance

There is little doubt that everyone expected Finn and Rey to end up together when we first watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, that's a story arc that has been wiped away from the sequel trilogy films and even their novelization. Author Alan Dean Foster has revealed how he was forced to remove a scene that teased on the characters' blossoming romance.

Foster recently spoke to Midnight Edge where he shared how he went about with turning the screenplay into a novel.

"Some things they said to take out, and some things they left alone. Some of the things they said to take out I thought were silly and would really have improved the book if I had been able to leave them in the book, but I can't talk about those," Foster said. He then added there were a lot of things that he was asked to remove from his book.

"There were a couple of things in there, and a couple of things that happened subsequently that bothered me. I'm going to tell you one thing they made me take out because enough time has passed, I don't think it matters," Foster said. He then stated that there was "obviously the beginnings of a relationship" between Finn and Rey in his original draft.


"I expected to see that developed further in Episode VIII," Foster said. "And zero happened with it. And we all know why zero happened with it — and there's no need to go into it in-depth — but that's, sadly, just the way things are."

Interestingly, Finn and Rey didn't spend a lot of time together in what would be Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which essentially killed any chances of a romance. Not surprisingly, Foster admitted that he wasn't a fan of the Rian Johnson film and calls it "a terrible Star Wars movie."


At this point, it looks like any romance between Finn and Rey will ever happen. Nevertheless, it's still interesting to know what could have been in the sequel trilogy.

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