Star Wars: The Clone Wars Board Game Designer Promises Authentic Gaming Experience

For die-hard fans of geek culture, watching their favorite shows on screen isn't always enough; they sometimes wish they could command their favorite characters or assist them in solving missions. Z-Man Games and Asmodee have recently released a board game that you might be interested in, especially if you are a big Star Wars fan.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a collaborative strategy game based on the animated series that puts you in the shoes of one of your favorite Jedi, where you can enlist troopers to iconic locations featured in The Clone Wars stories alongside Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and others.

Speaking recently with, Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ game designer and senior game designer at Fantasy Flight Games, Alexandar Ortloff-Tang, talked about the development, inspiration, and rules of the game that fans can make use of as they navigate the game.

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He narrated, “The first thing I did when I started on the project was to watch the whole series from start to finish to make sure it was fresh in my mind. Over the course of the project, I ended up rewatching it a bunch of times, both for inspiration and just for entertainment. It was fun to immerse myself in that era.”

“We tried to include a lot of little nods to the source material. Much of the art is based on particular moments from the series — I love the idea of seeing a favorite character and having the art take you back to a specific moment in their story.” continued the game designer.

During its seven-season run, the cartoon series made numerous planet visits all around the Star Wars galaxy. Recognizing this feature of the program, the team behind the new board game made an effort to incorporate as many cherished locations from the show as possible, so the fans can expect to have the real feel of the show through the game.

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Ortloff-Tang shared, “Some planets felt obvious from the start because they are so integral to the Clone Wars, like Coruscant and Kamino. Some were the sites of memorable and evocative events, so we included them as locations for mission cards; Umbara comes to mind, as does Lola Sayu. And some were fan-favorite planets, like Tatooine and Corellia, which we knew we wanted to appear even if we didn’t set a mission there.”

For more details about the board game, such as game mechanics and price, you can proceed to their official website. And don’t forget to tune in to Epicstream for more Star Wars news.

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