Star Wars Squadrons Reveals Starfighter and Pilot Customization

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Star Wars gamers have new details to EA's upcoming space combat videogame. Thanks to the studio's latest Pilot Briefing for Star Wars Squadrons, fans now have an idea on how players are going to be able to customize their starfighters and pilots in the highly-anticipated first-person dogfighting videogame.

According to the new Pilot Briefing, gamers will be able to unlock components through the Requisition Points that they earn as they go along the game. These components can be used for player's starfigters and for their pilots. They can be equipped to change how ships function both in subtle and in radical ways.

"Some impact your starfighters passively, such as by reinforcing their defensive capabilities with different hulls or shields, while others have more active changes, such as what abilities you can use," EA writes in the newest briefing.

Starfighters have seven component slots – Primary Weapons, Auxiliary (which come in twos), Countermeasures, Hull, Shields, and Engines. Ships without shield generators only have six component slots.


Players can equip their starfighters to up to three passive components and four active components in the game.

This is definitely an interesting quality to the game because it allows a player to customize his/her/their starfighter according to their style of play. The customizability of a starfigher allows a gamer to adjust the performance and functionality of their starfighters.

That's not all of course. Gamers are also allowed cosmetic customization. Though they'll start with traditional Rebellion and Empire outfits during the start of the game, they'll be allowed to unlock cosmetic upgrades within the game through Glory Points earned while playing.

Star Wars: Squadrons is set for release on October 2, 2020.

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