Star Wars Author Reacts to Fan Wanting to Name Baby After Captain Phasma

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If you have been on Twitter, you may have been surprised to see that Captain Phasma is currently trending. No, there isn't a new project that will focus on the First Order commander. Instead, people have been reacting to a fan's intention of naming his unborn child after Phasma. Interestingly, even the author behind Star Wars: Phasma has a hilarious reaction to the plan.

It all started when the fan posted on the AITA subreddit asking if he was wrong for wanting to name his daughter after a Star Wars character. Amazingly, the chosen character is Captain Phasma and he even wanted it to be spelled "Captain-Phasma." The post in itself received hundreds of comments but it went viral when it was shared on Twitter.

Not surprisingly, people had a lot to say about the idea, dissuading the expectant parents and suggesting that they should choose a different character instead. The Twitter post also caught the attention of Star Wars author Delilah S. Dawson, who had a surprising reaction. Check it out below.

"Phasma approves! I mean, if you want a bloodthirsty monster for a child," Dawson wrote.


If you're concerned about the child who would soon be named "Captain-Phasma," rest assured that her parents are now reconsidering their choice.

"Edit 2: definitely considering other names now, but still Star Wars related. Thank you. Also, I see a lot do not like the character Captain Phasma at all...I disagree wholeheartedly with that but to each his own," they wrote in the original Reddit post.

Do you think it's a good idea to name a child after Gwendoline Christie's Star Wars character? Sound off in the comments below.

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