Star Wars: Solo Writer Teases the Return of Qi'ra in Live-Action Shows

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While Solo: A Star Wars Story received decent responses from fans and critics, it didn't do well at the box office and it became the first Star Wars film to flop which resulted in canceling any plans for a sequel. As a result, the cliffhanger at the end of the film still remains unresolved. However, it looks like we might see a follow-up on the storyline in the live-action shows.

Speaking with ScreenRant during the Star Wars Celebration event, Solo co-writer Jonathan Kasdan revealed that he already had talks with The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau regarding the possibility of continuing the film's storyline in the live-action shows and named Qi'ra and Enfys Nest as the characters that we might see pop up in them.

"I think someday we're gonna see what happened, and how Qi'ra advanced through the world and through the crime syndicates. I've talked to Jon Favreau about it; he's a big fan of that movie and some of the stuff we built out," Kasdan said. "I always say, 'Well, you're the guy to figure it out.' I always look to him to keep the story alive and keep it going."

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He continued, "Star Wars is going in so many fun directions. Specifically, I saw that trailer for Andor today and I thought, 'Enfys Nest is gonna show up somewhere in that show.' I'm hopeful that a lot of those people continue on the journeys they were on."

It is exciting to hear that we might see Qi'ra pop up again which also makes a lot of sense given that her character is now involved in Crimson Dawn which leads to a lot more possibilities on how she can show up. Emilia Clarke might be game to reprise the role and play it on television which is a medium that she is already familiar with. They still need to address the huge Solo cliffhanger in the end and it looks like they will address that soon enough.

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Let's just wait and see whether the franchise will indeed bring back Qi'ra in their future live-action shows. Once that happens, a lot of fans will surely be delighted by it.

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