Star Wars: Solo Concept Art Reveals Rio Durant's Original Look

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Solo: A Star Wars Story may not have been a huge commercial hit but it also introduced a truly awesome character named Rio Durant. The wisecracking alien that was part of Tobias Beckett's crew stole fans' hearts because of his adorable look. However, it looks like Rio was supposed to have a different appearance, as revealed in some early concept art.

The concept art by Tyler Scarlet was shared by Lucasfilms' Phil Szostak on Twitter. You can check it out below.

It's an interesting concept that makes Rio appear even more like a small spider monkey with six limbs. Not surprisingly, the size of the original design had Solo actor Joonas Suotamo wondering about how the character will be able to pass as a Mud Trooper.

"I wonder if this version of Rio Durant would have been more difficult to disguise as a mud trooper? Interesting design concept!" Suotamo wrote.


This may have been a problem that the crew considered and could explain why Rio's appearance was changed. We're actually glad that they decided to make Rio a little taller so he doesn't have to worry about fitting in while working on Beckett's crew. It's just unfortunate that the character met his end early on in Solo.

Rio was voiced by Jon Favreau who would go on to become the creative mastermind behind The Mandalorian. Needless to say, we're happy that Favreau continues to work with Star Wars to deliver some quality content for fans.

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