Star Wars: Darth Vader Discovers Padme Amidala's Shocking Secret

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There is little doubt that Padme Amidala was the one person who knew most of Anakin Skywalker's secrets. After all, she was one of them. However, it looks like Darth Vader still has a lot to learn about his wife, as revealed in a new Star Wars comic book.


The new comic book Star Wars: Darth Vader #1 follows the Sith Lord as he revisits several places from his past after learning that a surveillance camera has been placed in one of his former homes. This leads to him returning to the house that once belonged to his stepfather Cliegg Lars on Tatooine. However, there is one location that truly surprises Vader because of what he uncovers.


In the final few pages of the Greg Pak-penned comics, Vader returns to the home he once shared with Padme on Coruscant in hoping to find the surveillance camera. Interestingly, he finally finds it and discovers something truly shocking about his wife.

It is revealed that Padme is still alive and happens to be the owner of the surveillance camera. In addition to that, the former senator is now issuing orders of her own as she follows a mysterious mission.

We're not sure how Padme is still alive after all this time and yes, we're just as shocked as Vader himself. Needless to say, this is one thing that already has us looking forward to the next issue.

Star Wars: Darth Vader #1 is currently available on digital and all your favorite comic book stores.

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