Star Wars Reveals the New Jedi Knights from The High Republic

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Star Wars: The High Republic is a publishing series set around 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace. The story will be explored through a wide variety of mediums, including young adult novels, children's books, as well as comics. More and more details are getting revealed, and now, Lucasfilm has introduced some of the Jedi Knights and Masters that'll play a big role in the event.

"Readers will see a very wide variety of Jedi in this era," says Lucasfilm Publishing creative director Michael Siglain. "This is a hopeful, optimistic time, when the Jedi are good and noble, and we want to reflect that in their characters while still giving them enough depth and dimension so that their individual personalities and idiosyncrasies shine through." These Jedi Knights are basically the "good guys" and serve as "inspirational" characters.


The Star Wars official website gives a first look at five of the characters, namely Ava Kriss, Loden Greatstorm, Keeve Trennis, Stellan Gios, and Vernestra "Vern" Rwoh. You can check them out below:

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Credit: Lucasfilm, Marvel

First is Avar Kriss, the "brightest, most noble example of Jedi-hood." She always puts others first before herself, and tries to see the good in everything and everyone. Avar is someone who's willing to sacrifice herself for others, she's "the best of the best."


Second is Loden Greatstorm, a Twi'lek Jedi Master. He is one of the best teachers in the Jedi Order. He is strong and wise, yet also has a good sense of humor. The Jedi Master sees every situation as a learning experience and always tries to find ways to better himself and those around him.

Third is Keeve Trennis, a young firebrand Jedi. Many believe that she has a great future ahead of her and only needs to believe in herself to see this as well. She has only been a Jedi Knight for a few weeks and will do all it takes to prove herself to Avar. In order to do that, she must learn to trust herself first.

Fourth is Stellan Gios, an "optimistic and well-trusted" Jedi Master. He came up through the Order along with Avar. The two are considered a "powerhouse team" though they are often assigned on different things for the Republic. Stellan is currently stationed at the planet of Caragon-Viner.

Last to many more characters is Vernestra "Vern" Rwoh, a "newly-minted" Jedi Knight. She was Stellan's Padawan and is one of the youngest Knights in a generation at age sixteen. Though she struggles to fit in with those older than her, she tries her best to set an example for the younger Jedi.

Writer Cavan Scott promises that these Jedi will be unique and very "human" no matter what their species is. They made these characters feel ike "real, rounded individuals" and while they are all different, they are united through one goal.

Star Wars: The High Republic releases this August.

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