Star Wars Reveals the First Jedi Didn’t Focus on the Light Side

The Jedi might have always been Force-sensitive leaders and peacekeepers that made use of the Lights Side of the Force, however, Star Wars has seemingly confirmed that the very first Jedi didn't serve the Light Side at all. Instead, the very first Jedi were agents of balance in the galaxy far, far away.

Lucasfilm just recently published a Star Wars tie-in called Secrets of the Jedi (via Screen Rant), and the book reveals Luke Skywalker's notes revealing that the Prime Jedi didn't associate themselves with the Light or Dark Side of the Force, but instead focused on Balance.

Secrets of the Jedi is an in-universe fact book written by Luke Skywalker offering notes that the Jedi Master wrote all the way up to his death. The book contains a section discussing the Force, and in the chapter Luke talks about the idea of Force alignment, saying that Force-sensitive individuals have to make the difficult decision of whether they use the Force "for greater good or for personal gain."

According to the book, this forms the basis of the different sides of the Force, the Light Side, and the Dark Side. Luke then proceeds to talk about the idea of the balance of both these sides. The Jedi Master also attaches the image of the Prime Jedi Mural (the ones that fans get to see in Star Wars: The Last Jedi) as an integral part of the balance, signifying that the first Jedi were not focused on the Light Side or the Dark Side of the Force.

This is an interesting revelation. Balance in the Force has been discussed time and time again in the Star Wars saga. It makes sense that the First Jedi would put more value in Balance than in eradicating the Dark Side and upholding the Light.

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