Star Wars Shares Shocking Revelation About Boba Fett's Original Design

Even though he's basically a jobber who started the uneventful death tradition that Star Wars has for its cool-looking mini-bosses, Boba Fett is still considered "the coolest" by many who love the franchise. A lot of that has to do with his iconic design that has since been ripped off by a number of other media, showing just how cool the character looks. Interestingly enough, some new details about the design have been revealed and they will shock Star Wars fans.

Before George Lucas came up with Boba Fett, the coolest-looking character in Star Wars history, the design was meant to be for a new class of stormtroopers. That's right, they were going to be The Empire Strikes Back's version of the red stormtroopers from The Rise of Skywalker. Who would have thought?

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Revealed by a retrospective article from, Joe Johnston, the visual effects art director for The Empire Strikes Back, revealed that George wanted this costume for newer stormtroopers. However, they didn't have the budget to mass-produce these designs so Lucas came up with the idea to make him a bounty hunter.

"The outfit came back from the UK [production office] and George said, ‘Instead of an army of super troopers, this is going to be a bounty hunter. 'He's sort of a bad guy but he's not on the Empire's side and he's not on the rebels' side. He's like a free agent, and he goes around the galaxy arresting people and bringing them back to justice or bringing them back to Jabba the Hutt or whoever. He's a mercenary. He'll do anything for money, and his outfit, the way he looks, should reflect that.'"

It's easy to trip on George Lucas for his writing, something the original trilogy actors have said in the past but you can't deny how smart it was for him to come up with a new idea for Boba Fett. This eventually gave birth to more bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe and eventually giving us great stories like The Mandalorian. And it all stems from a design that was meant to be for new stormtroopers.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is now available on Disney+ and digital services.

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