Star Wars Resistance: Someone Already Crafted the Ex-TIE Pilot's Helmet

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Star Wars Resistance already introduced us to the main character's Team Fireball, but the latest featurette of the show gave us a look at their rival team The Aces. One particular character that stood out was ex-Imperial TIE pilot Griff Halloran, and someone has apparently already made Griff's signature helmet from the show.

Check it out:


Admittedly, it's just a standard TIE helmet with a skull painted on it, but that doesn't make it look any less cool. Besides the helmet, Griff also makes use of some of his other Imperial gear, and his ship is a modded out TIE fighter (though I think it does resemble a TIE Striker from Rogue One more).

Ever since the first teaser for Resistance came out, there has been a lot of negative backlash from the fans. Some think that the humor may be a tad too childish, while others are not a fan of the animation style. Other fans, however, like to keep positive, and are waiting for the show to debut before they pass on any judgments.

Then again, a lot of people weren't fans of Star Wars Rebels, but by the time the show ended, everyone was applauding Dave Filoni and his team for bringing the Rebels characters into Star Wars canon.


No doubt we should be expecting the same reaction with Star Wars Resistance. After all, the haters seem to be coming from the wrong demographic (as is always the case with Star Wars fans). The older fanboys may be hating the show already, but what's important is that the kids love it.

Star Wars Resistance premieres on Oct. 7 on Disney Channel.

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