Star Wars Resistance Season 2 is Coming to Disney+ This Month

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While it didn't make the same impact as Star Wars: The Clone Wars or Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Resistance does have a number of fans and they will be happy to know that its second and final season will be coming to the Disney+ streaming service. The news was confirmed by the latest Disney+ trailer, confirming that Star Wars Resistance Season 2 will be coming out on February 25.

Considering how Resistance only ended last month, seeing the complete second season come to Disney+ right after should be a treat to fans. This is a great incentive for those that have not seen the show and are curious about it, though reviews for the show haven't been stellar. Still, public opinion changes all the time and some people might end up enjoying this now that both seasons can be viewed in their entirety.

The first season of Resistance was set before The Force Awakens, while the second season is set during The Last Jedi and possibly leading toThe Rise of Skywalker. This series follows a group of young pilots mentored by Poe Dameron as they take part in a number of space battles with a number of familiar foes, including Captain Phasma.

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 hits Disney+ on February 25. Are you excited about this series coming to the Disney+ streaming service? Or will you stick with The Clone Wars?

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