Sequel to Star Wars Rebels Coming this Winter?

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Star Wars Rebels had ended with the teaser of Sabine and Ahsoka on a journey to find Ezra, and a rumor had come out earlier this month that we were going to find out where they went with an upcoming sequel series. What's interesting is, we could be getting it before the year ends.

As per Noah Outlaw from Kessel Run Transmissions, the sequel to Star Wars Rebels is said to be coming out this winter. Here's the post:


Of course, we should only take this with a grain of salt for now. Until we get an official announcement for Lucasfilm, we should stop ourselves from getting too excited. Then again, it's likely that they'll start announcing their plans for the future once hype for The Rise of Skywalker begins to die down.

If this Rebels sequel is going to come out later this year, it would have a release close to that of The Mandalorian Season 2. We may not be getting a new Star Wars movie, but at least we have these releases for the franchise.

With Star Wars Resistance not coming out as popular as Rebels, hopefully, Lucasfilm is willing to put some more effort when it comes to this sequel series. One thing that always irked me about Resistance was the choice in animation style. Hopefully, this new show will have something closer to the Clone Wars. Personally, I'm hoping for a 2D-animated series unlike The Legend of Korra or the new Voltron from Netflix.


If the rumors are true, we would be getting the sequel to Star Wars Rebels this winter.

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