Star Wars Rebels Creator on Whether Another Star Wars Animated Film is Possible

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Considering all of the animated features that Star Wars has put out, it's a little surprising to know that there is only one full-length animated film in the series; Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Though not well-received at the time, it was the introduction to the acclaimed animated series of the same name, so the film does have some value.

Dave Filoni, the co-creator, and producer of the recently concluded Star Wars Rebels was asked by if there is a future for animated films in the franchise. Filoni's answer can easily be summed up as "it's possible" and "it doesn't really matter since everyone takes the animated stuff seriously" but let's elaborate on that a bit more.

The Rebels producer stated that these animated Star Wars projects are feats on their own since fans are willing to accept these stories as canon, not dismissing them as children's cartoons or a waste of time.

"I think the one thing that we've been able to achieve with the Star Wars animation we've done is that the people, the fans really accept it as part of the story, and the medium doesn't matter to the vast majority of them. Where sometimes people look at animation and think of it as something other, or something different than the rest of the story."

Can you imagine Marvel saying the current Spider-Man animated series is canon to the MCU? Didn't think so. That's why these animated Star Wars projects being readily accepted as canon is amazing. With Star Wars Resistance coming soon, we can only assume that this train of thought will continue.

Star Wars Resistance is set to premiere on Disney XD this fall, with 22 episodes for the first season.

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