Star Wars’ Princess Leia Was Supposed To Appear In American Gods Season 2

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American Gods was such a well-made and critically acclaimed series; fans were surprised to hear the announcement that original showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green were leaving the show after the end of its first season on Starz. Now, according to Fuller, if he had gone on with season 2, fans would have seen Star Wars' sassy princess, Leia Organa.

Taking to Twitter to put up a tweet that has since been deleted (via i09), Fuller opened up about his original plans for season 2 of the series, saying that Gillian Anderson's Media would have appeared as Leia in the second batch of episodes for American Gods.

"Me and [Green] never abandoned American Gods. We were dedicated to cast, crafted the season, wrote 5 episodes, even had Media as Mr. Rogers & Princess Leia. We were in the process of reducing scope due to a dramatic budget reduction when we were fired," Fuller confessed in his post.

According to later reports regarding Fuller and Green's separation, the showrunners had a difficult time on the set of the series. Not only did the two fight with American God's producers over the series' budget, but they also had trouble dealing with Neil Gaiman, the author of the book that serves as the show's source material.

The Hollywood Reporter's sources claim that Gaiman actually butted heads with the showrunners about the series' direction in season 2, one that would have moved the show away from his 2001 novel, American Gods.

Now, with Fuller, Green, as well as Anderson out of the series, we're not quite sure whether Leia will still appear in American Gods. Such a shame – it would have been a perfect tribute to Carrie Fisher's legacy.

American Gods returns with its second season on Starz on March 10, 2019.

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