Star Wars Model Kits Include 7 Detailed Ships

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Bandai has released screenshots of the second wave of Star Wars model kits. And all of seven of them are detailed down to the last nook and panel.

Nerdist got its hands on the many screenshots featuring different angles of the seven ships. These seven ships range from different scaled models. There is a 1/72 scale of the Y-wing, the TIE fighter, and Darth Vader's TIE advance. There is a 1/48 scale of the Snowspeeder and the AT-ST Scout Walker.


Finally, there's the 1/144 scale of the AT-AT, the Slave I, and the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Every vehicle comes in its own set kit, with others containing special features.

Among these special features are movable parts, alternate canopies. Display bases, laser effects for those ships with lasers, and even standalone figures like Boba Fett.

According to the source, this particular wave of Star Wars ships seems to be very rich on the detail. The AT-AT is posable in its slumped forward following the infamous trip, which makes it a first of its kind.

The Star Wars new vehicle set kits were created with color-injection molding technology, so there's no real need for any painting, if you don't want to. Even amateurs can put it together, though make sure you have a good cutting gear to fully separate the pieces before assembling them. Check out some of them in the snapshots below.

Prices for the Star Wars vehicle model kits range from $20 for the smaller pieces like the TIE to $50 for the likes of the Millennium Falcon. There are no definite release dates for these kits yet, but make sure to mark March or April for when they hit the stands.

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