04 Jul 2019 12:43 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars: Mark Hamill Explains The Rise Of Skywalker In Three Words

We all know that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is the last Skywalker Saga film and it's understandable that fans are eager to know what will happen in the highly anticipated movie. But can we really trust Mark Hamill to share what's going to happen in Episode IX on social media?

Hamill recently responded to a fan asking him to describe The Rise of Skywalker in three words. The Star Wars: The Last Jedi actor's response pretty much nails it. Take a look at his tweet below.

Yep, that sounds about right. Although Luke Skywalker died in The Last Jedi, Hamill is still expected to reprise his role in The Rise of Skywalker. The Knightfall star even teased that his appearance in Episode IX is nothing more than a glorified Force ghost. Either way, it is fitting that Luke will still be very much a part of the final movie of the Skywalker Saga.


While Hamill's tweet is clearly a joke, fans still wonder whether it is true or not. After all, Hamill is known for trolling fans (in a good way) on social media. People are still speculating on whether Luke will be revealed to still be alive or if he could make an appearance in Rian Johnson's new Star Wars trilogy.

So far, there are not a lot of details about The Rise of Skywalker. Hopefully, we'll get to learn more about the film in the next few months.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is scheduled for release on December 20.

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