Star Wars: Mark Hamill Didn't Know Luke Would Hurt the Wampa in Empire Strikes Back

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If you've seen The Empire Strikes Back, you'll know that Luke Skywalker is held captive by a Wampa on Hoth and he escapes by cutting off its arm. A lot of people have gone to make fun of Luke (and even Mark Hamill himself) for maiming the animal, and Hamill reveals that he didn't actually know that Luke was going to hurt the creature.

When called out for Luke's "animal cruelty" in the film, Hamill replies:

Of course, I bet Hamill was just telling some joke to make the fans laugh, but I can still believe that this was actually what went down when they shot the scene.

In Luke's defense, he was just protecting himself from the Wampa. It's not like he wanted to harm the creature on purpose.


If you are curious what happened to the Wampa after his arm was cut off, the guys at Robot Chicken have a hilarious take on how much Luke actually ruined its life. So much for being a benevolent Jedi master, Mr. Skywalker:

For now, Hamill has been announced to return to Star Wars Episode IX. A lot of people are sure that he's coming back as a Force ghost, but I would be amazed if J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio found a way to bring him back. Plus, maybe it would be fun to see a flashback of little Ben undergoing training with Uncle Luke before he eventually fell to the Dark Side.

Catch Hamill in Star Wars Episode IX when it hits theaters Dec. 20, 2019.

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