Star Wars: Mark Hamill Calls Infamous Holiday Special 'Underappreciated'

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Long before the creation of the sequel trilogy, the Star Wars franchise has already managed to divide its fandom as early as the original trilogy. Of course, we're talking about the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special which hit television screens a year after A New Hope which many believe is the single worst Star Wars-related project in existence.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

The TV special was aiming to capitalize on the growing popularity of the Lucasfilm property in the late '70s but instead of receiving rave reviews from fans and critics, it was nearly detrimental to the franchise. Even the stars involved in the special had nothing but awful things to say about the Holiday Special but it looks like one actor had a change of mind.

Mark Hamill recently took to social media to share a surprising remark about the Star Wars Holiday Special and judging by his latest comments, it seems like the divisive special has grown on him throughout the years. In fact, the Luke Skywalker actor even went as far as calling it "underappreciated". Now, that's some controversial take right there. Check out his post below:

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It's hard to tell whether or not Hamill is just messing with fans but I don't think his shocking remark will change the fandom's opinion about the Holiday Special. The Star Wars Holiday Special isn't available for streaming on Disney+ and I think it's for the better.

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