21 Aug 2018 10:44 AM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars: Kelly Marie Tran Speaks Out For the First Time After Deleting Instagram Posts

Social media has been a toxic environment for various celebrities, with many of them deciding to stay off these platforms to avoid being insulted by trolls. Unfortunately, one of those stars was Kelly Marie Tran, who many knew as Rose Tico from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The film already received a mixed reaction from fans so those that didn't like it attacked her excessively, hence Tran deleting all of her Instagram posts.

After months of silence, Tran finally decided to speak up on the issue through The New York Times. Tran said it wasn't their words that made her delete the Instagram posts but the fact that she started to believe them. She has been the victim of many racist threats, which she addresses, saying that they seemingly confirmed that she could only be a minority and that she would always be marginalized.

Tran comments on how she has felt undermined since she was young, being half-Vietnamese. The actress states that she stopped speaking Vietnamese when she was nine-years-old and was still treated like a foreigner in her teenage years due, often being praised for speaking good English.


Even though she had seemingly been trained to feel like a minority, Tran grew out of it and was able to achieve her dreams. It is sad knowing that a group of hateful people tried to make her feel unimportant once again but we can only hope that Tran moves on from them and continues having a successful career.

Kelly Marie Tran will be a part of Star Wars: Episode IX, which comes out on December 20, 2019.

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