Jon Favreau Reveals Why The Mandalorian had that Awesome Willrow Hood Easter Egg

There is little doubt that The Mandalorian was filled with some awesome Easter Eggs from the original Star Wars trilogy. However, there is one particular prop that Jon Favreau is truly proud of: the Camtono, which was originally carried by background character Willrow Hood. But what was so special about the ice cream maker?

Willrow Hood only appeared for a few seconds in The Empire Strikes Back but the character has since become one of the most notable background characters in the Star Wars Universe. After all, it was hard to miss him considering he appeared to be running away with what looks like an ice cream maker. From there, Willrow has turned into a common figure showing up at conventions.

Not surprisingly, this is one of the reasons why Favreau was so eager to talk about the Camtono that was featured in the series during Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian.

"To me, it's the deepest, deepest cut," Favreau said. "There's a bunch of people at Celebration that dress up as a character they've named 'Willrow Hood.' It's somebody running in the background at Cloud City as everything's going crazy, running with a prop that... clearly, he was a deep background character."

Favreau continued by pointing out that fans usually love it when Willrow shows up at major conventions. "It's a highlight of Star Wars Celebration that they have [the running of the Willrow Hoods]," he said. "And everybody goes berserk, they love it. Because, if that's not the essence of being a fan, I don't know what is."

It's still unclear if we'll see more Camtonos filled with Beskar steel in The Mandalorian Season 2 but if the prop does show up, it wouldn't be a huge surprise.

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