Star Wars’ John Boyega Celebrates His Birthday in Quarantine with a Naruto Cake

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We're in the midst of a worldwide pandemic right now, but who says you can't celebrate your birthday anymore? John Boyega had turned 28-years-old yesterday, and he's shared a video of his party—complete with a Naruto-themed cake.

Check it out:

Seeing that Boyega himself has now become a childhood icon with Star Wars, it's fun that he should celebrate his birthday with a cake inspired by Naruto of all things. We don't know what other Naruto-themed items were at the party, but at least we know that Boyega loves anime—which isn't always a bad thing.


For now, it looks like Boyega has put Star Wars behind him, and he's now signed on with Netflix to make some African content. We don't know when those come out, but I'm sure there are some fans who would love to see Boyega come back to the franchise—especially since his character was one of the most sidelined in the last movie. I mean, there have been several jabs online that all Finn really did was scream, "REY!" over and over again.

Hopefully we get a Disney+ series centered on Finn. Personally, I think Rose deserves her own series with Finn making a guest appearance, but we don't know what Lucasfilm has up their sleeves. I just think that the Sequel Trilogy era has a lot of potential for exploration, and The Rise of Skywalker just didn't feel like a satisfying end.

Catch Boyega in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker now available on digital.

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