Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Dataminers Discover Starkiller Base was Originally a Jedi Planet


Star Wars: The Force Awakens wanted to one-up the Death Star with Starkiller Base being an entire planet that's been turned into a weapon, but some dataminers have found an interesting bit about the First Order base that makes the origin kind of more tragic.

As it turns out, the base used to be the Jedi planet Ilum:

Starkiller Base is Ilum according to datamined files from Jedi First Order

If you don't know your Star Wars lore, the planet Ilum is where the Jedi get their infamous Kyber crystals, the things that power their lightsabers. With Rogue One revealing that Kyber crystals were essential in the construction of the Death Star, it would make sense that the First Order would weaponize the planet where the crystals would come from. You can even see the "trench" that the finished base had.

If anything, it's kind of tragic, thinking that Ilum had been turned into a weapon and then ultimately destroyed in The Force Awakens. Then again, with The Last Jedi being all about letting the past die, I guess it fits the theme. Then again, maybe the story group had no idea that Starkiller Base would end up being Ilum. I guess it makes for a great reveal in Fallen Order when you think about it.

For now, fans are awaiting the release of Fallen Order by the end of the week. After the disastrous launch of Star Wars Battlefront II, it's absolutely crucial that EA manages to pull this game off.

Catch Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order when it becomes available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Nov. 15.

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