Star Wars Is on Its Way on Making Gray Jedi Canon

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The Gray Jedi has departed the Star Wars Canon after it contradicts the dogma of the Jedi. The Gray Jedi is a group of force-wielders who gives way for the light and dark side and who rejects the teachings of the Jedi order.

They were neither Jedi nor Sith, they are those who are in between. They never lost themselves to the dark and yet they still contradict the Jedi Dogma making them de-canonized in Legends.

Gray Jedi
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Credit: Star Wars

That being said, there is a possible way of restoring them through the Jedi Wayseekers of The High Republic. The Jedi Wayseekers operate independently of the Jedi Council which chooses to follow their own path for a better understanding of the Force.

In the novel Into the Dark, Wayseekers exist alongside the Council where they mediate and help revolutionaries through their independence. Orla Jareni, a Wayseeker, questioned the Jedi council herself when a mission failed tragically. Because of her independence, she was able to head a frontier in a region of space.

Same as the Gray Jedi, they do not agree with some of the Jedi Rules. This puts them in the place of ambiguity which provides a convenient loophole for the Gary Jedi to exist back in the canon.

The decisions of the Wayseekers are respected by the Jedi Council and they provide an opening for those who choose to leave the Council with their Jedi identity remaining intact.

The Skywalker Saga has shown that the Jedi Council is not perfect and is capable of making mistakes because of staying faithful to their dogma. With this, the Wayseekers could pave way for the future of Jedi and could lead to a new canon similar to the Gray Jedi.

The fluidity of the definition of Jedi may be expressed in the High Republic. With the Wayseekers, the Star Wars canon may now be able to fill the gap that the de-canonization of the Gray Jedi has left behind. Though this may bring in more complexities in the galaxy, it could be a way into bringing back the Gray Jedi into the canon.

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