Star Wars Finally Clarifies that Jedi are Allowed to Have Sex

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

Star Wars finally answered the age-old question fans have been dying to get clarified: are the Jedi allowed to copulate? The quick answer to that is yes, the Jedi can actually have sex prior to the contrary belief that they're not allowed to. Over the years, the Jedi have been perceived as monk-like figures and are known for their devotion to the Force and the teachings of the Jedi Council.

Just when you think you know everything about the Star Wars universe, the new stories set in the events of Star Wars: The High Republic changes all that. Now, according to the novel Into the Dark, it is completely okay for the Jedi to engage in sexual intercourse.

The novel introduces fans to a young Jedi padawan named Reath Silas and a pilot named Affie Hollow. Affie ferries Silas and his other Jedi companions to the new Starlight Beacon base on the Outer Rim. Having not met a Jedi before in her life, Affie tries to open up a conversation with Reath who was pretty game to tell her everything he knows about the Jedi Council's teachings and philosophy.

Reath first explains the Force to Affie and although she already has an idea about it, Silas educates her about what makes the Jedi truly exceptional beings. He explains: "We ground ourselves in a spiritual existence and give up individual attachments in order to focus entirely on greater concerns."

Affie then comes to the conclusion that Jedi aren't allowed to become one physically. However, Reath clarifies her assumption by letting her know about the views of Master Jora, his teacher. According to him, Master Jora had a clear-cut understanding of "the difference between celibacy of the body and true purity of the heart." Reading between the lines, Jora's remarks clearly suggest that she enjoyed the pleasures of life and that includes sex.

The entire "sex" argument has long been debated by fans and it's nice that The High Republic is giving fans a little something to talk about that is totally fresh. I mean, that's the entire point of these stories after all, to let us experience the other side of the galaxy that has yet to be uncovered.

Star Wars: The High Republic is out on your favorite comic book stores.

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