Star Wars: ILM Releases New In-Depth VFX Reel For Rogue One

Every Star Wars movie is considered a technical marvel when it comes to VFX, and Rogue One was no exception. Industrial Light and Magic has just released a new video breaking down the VFX for the film and it goes in-depth as to the creation of the different locations as well as the animation of a CGI Moff Tarkin.

I’m curious on why ILM is suddenly releasing all this footage now, but I always appreciate a good look behind the curtain when it comes to big movies like Rogue One. I can’t help but feel that they’re prepping us for some big reveal somewhere down the line.

Speaking of big reveals, it seems like Mark Hamill’s comments were true, and we should be expecting the next Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer to come out on Oct. 9. With December getting closer, we should expect at least two more trailers from Lucasfulm for TLJ.

There’s also been this interesting deal with Disney that promises to screen special BTS clips from Star Wars and Marvel movies before they screen any film owned by the company. The aim of the BTS screenings is said to provide a special treat for people who arrive in the cinema early and to “dial up the entertainment value” for moviegoers.

As for Star Wars, you can catch The Last Jedi in theaters Dec. 15.

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