Star Wars Icon Harrison Ford Enjoyed Watching Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Harrison Ford might not be that fond of his role as Star Wars' Han Solo, but it looks like the franchise's infamous grump actually enjoyed Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Young Han Solo star Alden Ehrenreich just recently attended a news conference (via the Los Angeles Times ) with the rest of Solo's cast and crew last Saturday. During the gathering, the actor recalled how Ford surprised him by popping up during an interview.

"It's just such a huge deal to have him really genuinely enjoy the film," Ehrenreich told everyone at the conference.

Ehrenreich also said that he enjoyed playing the role.

"It's really wild. It's really exciting. It's kind of bigger than you can even wrap your head around," the Solo star explained. "Particularly being in the Millennium Falcon is very, very cool."

There were a lot of doubts when Lucasfilm announced that it had cast Ehrenreich as the Star Wars franchise's new young Han Solo. Ford left large shoes to fill. Fans were concerned that the Hail Caesar! star would do as good of a job as they'd hope for in a young Han Solo actor, especially because Ehrenreich didn't look quite like Ford.

Despite these concerns, there has been nothing but good reviews of Ehrenreich's version of Solo, with the cast and crew praising the young actor for making the character his own.

Let's see how he fairs when Solo: A Star Wars Story hits cinemas on May 25.

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