Star Wars: Here's How Gina Carano's Cara Dune will be Introduced in The Mandalorian Chapter 4

Things are about to get really exciting (as if it isn't already exciting enough) in The Mandalorian next week. The Star Wars show's upcoming episode simply titled Chapter Four (for now, at least) will feature another major battle for good old Mando and his new adopted son Baby Yoda. In addition to that, we will finally get to see Gina Carano in action as Cara Dune.

Carano was one of the interesting additions to the cast of The Mandalorian and also one of the first actors to be confirmed for the show. However, she has been notably absent from the first three episodes which surprised us with the introduction of Baby Yoda. Nevertheless, we'll finally get to witness Carano's awesome character in Chapter Four.

The description for the upcoming episode reads as follows: "The Mandalorian teams up with an ex-soldier to protect a village from raiders." This is certainly in line with how Chapter Three: The Sin concluded since Mando would have to leave the planet to get away from all the bounty hunters trying to kill him. Interestingly, he'll be pulled into a Seven Samurai-type mission where he would have to work with Cara, which is welcome news for Akira Kurosawa fans.

Carano's character has already been described as a former Imperial Shock Trooper who becomes a mercenary so there is little doubt that the synopsis is referring to her. Needless to say, we're already looking forward to seeing Cara and Mando in action in The Mandalorian.

The fourth episode of the Star Wars series will be directed by Bryce Dallas Howard. The Mandalorian's Chapter Four will premiere on Disney+ on November 29.

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