13 Dec 2019 3:50 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars: Hasbro Baby Yoda Toys Now Available for Pre-Order

There is little doubt that everybody wants to get their hands on Baby Yoda toys right now. Luckily, Hasbro has finally made their own line of Star Wars toys available for pre-order.

The adorable toys are currently available for pre-order on Best Buy and there are so many awesome options to choose from. You can go for a Talking Plush Toy with its own frog (!) or the Black Series Action Figure. There are also sets featuring the Child in some of his most memorable moments in The Mandalorian (sipping soup or using the Force are just two poses you might love).

Although the items are currently available for pre-order, it's important to remember that the toys will not be shipped out until next year.

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Credit: Disney+

The demand for Baby Yoda toys has been overwhelming since the Child was first introduced in the pilot episode of The Mandalorian. However, the show's effort to keep the character's appearance from being leaked meant that there were no products that were manufactured ahead of the show's premiere. Although this would mean that fans will be missing out on awesome holiday presents this year, it also ensured that people were pleasantly surprised when they watched the Star Wars series.

Baby Yoda continues to play a major role in The Mandalorian although he only had a few scenes in the latest episode. After all, Chapter Six: The Prisoner focused on Mando working with a team of bounty hunters on a dangerous mission. Nevertheless, we're looking forward to seeing more of The Child in the last two episodes of the first season.

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