Star Wars: Greedo Actor Blames George Lucas for Maclunkey-Gate

Poor Greedo just can't get a break. The alien has been killed several different times because his scene in A New Hope keeps changing. Interestingly, the latest change in his scene features Greedo saying, "Maclunkey." Not surprisingly, the man who played the bounty hunter says that Star Wars creator George Lucas is the only one to blame for this.

Greedo has been the subject of a minor controversy since the early days of Star Wars. In the original theatrical release, Han Solo immediately shot Greedo but this was changed in the film's Special Edition so the bounty hunter shot Han first. But the version that's currently available on Disney+ adds something truly odd to Greedo's scene: He gets a new line, "Maclunkey."

If you're wondering what that means, you probably shouldn't ask Greedo actor Paul Blake because he has no idea what's happening, either.

"I couldn't understand a word of it," Blake told Empire with a laugh. "It confused me incredibly, but I've never understood anything about the movies anyway, particularly that."

But who came up with "Maclunkey" in the first place? Blake says he isn't sure but believes that Lucas might be the best person to ask.

"The convention I've just come back from, I had a million opinions from everybody. This new word! How absolutely absurd, what is George doing these days?" he said.

We're not sure, either, but hopefully, somebody will be able to explain just what this whole "Maclunkey" thing is all about.

You can watch the "Maclunkey" scene from A New Hope on Disney+.

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