Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Is Now Open To Everyone; Reservations No Longer Needed

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It looks like Disneyland's making it easier for everyone to check out its new Star Wars theme park, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Galaxy's Edge opened in Disneyland in Anaheim California late last month, and for the past few weeks, guests needed reservations to enter the Star Wars-themed section of the park. Unfortunately, for many interested in checking out the park, those reservations to Galaxy's Edge sold out in about two hours during the start of ticket sales two months ago, leaving fans wanting.

But now, things are changing. According to Disney Parks, visitors can now check out Galaxy's Edge without a reservation.


All they need is a Disneyland ticket to enter the Star Wars park.

Here's how to get a ticket to Galaxy's Edge:

- First, download the Disneyland app on your phone.

- When you arrive at the park, open up the app and click on the big banner for Galaxy's Edge.

- Under "current land status" the app will say whether or not the park is open. If it's open, then you can just walk in.

-If the app says "Access by Boarding Group Only" then you'll have to click on the button in the app to join a boarding group and get an assigned number. Everyone else in the boarding party will have to do this too.

-Once you are in a group, you free to do whatever you want at Disneyland. While going around, you can keep chcking the app to see which boarding groups are being allowed to enter Galaxy's Edge or wait for a notification to tell you when you're allowed to board.

What's even better now that Disneyland has lifted the reservation system in Galaxy's Edge is that the park no longer has a time limit and guests can stay for as long as they like. Exciting, yes?

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