Star Wars Fans Want Sebastian Stan to Play Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian pretty much confirmed that Ahsoka Tano wasn't the Jedi the title was referring to. Of course, this led fans to speculate that another beloved character from the Star Wars lore will be joining the hit Disney+ series really soon. So far, people have been unanimous with their call to see Luke Skywalker make an appearance on the show. Naturally, due to Mark Hamill's age and physical look, that seems to be impossible at this point, but there's always an option of recasting a young version of the iconic character to take his place.

Star Wars fans want to see Marvel star Sebastian Stan play the iconic role considering his striking resemblance to Hamill. This fantasy casting has been going on for many years now and Stan said he'd be down to take on the role given the opportunity. Even Hamill himself has endorsed the idea quite a number of times and while Lucasfilm has no official plans of pulling the trigger, it can't be denied that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier actor is the perfect casting choice. Recent fan art from BossLogic only fueled the desire of fans to see Stan fulfill his legacy of becoming Luke Skywalker. Check it out here:

Here are some of the fan tweets expressing their desire to see Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker in TheMandalorian below:

Of course, it's still unclear at this point whether Luke makes his way to the show or not but given the fact that he's one of the few Jedi alive that Ahsoka was talking about, it wouldn't be too silly to believe that he'll be the one to train Grogu just like how Yoda trained him years prior. Casting Sebastian in the role would be a huge win for every Star Wars fan as not only will he bring us some major fan service, we can also finally get some answers as to what happened with Skywalker all those years leading up to his grand return in The Force Awakens. For now, let's keep our fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Stan is set to appear in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier which hits Disney+ in 2021.

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