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Star Wars Fans Leave Coco-Cola Bottles At Lucasfilm As Tribute To Carrie Fisher

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It's been a year since Carrie Fisher's passing, and fans, family, and friends have been flooding the internet with different tributes to the Star Wars legend. Star Wars co-stars posted touching messages on their social media accounts, daughter Billie Lourd went up to Norway to see the Northern lights the way her mother did, and fans shared photos and memes to honor Carrie online.

Taking their tribute even further, some fans went and left behind a note and two bottles of Coca-Cola at the iconic Yoda Fountain in Lucasfilm in San Francisco California. Fisher had an affinity for the soft drink, telling television host Ellen Degeneres on The Ellen Degeneres Show last November that she would open "maybe 16" Coco-Cola beverages every day."

"But I don't drink all of them," Fisher explained. "I start them, but then it starts to get warm. And then you have to get another one ... They have to (have) that sharp, sharp cold taste."

Of course, the actress would have to reduce her intake whenever she'd play in a Star Wars movie.

"They like to hire part of me," Carrie joked. "So I have to get rid of the part they don't want. So when I'm hired for Star Wars, every time, they have hired about three-quarters of the size that I am."

It's sweet how fans remembered how much Carrie loved drinking Coco-Cola, and even sweeter that they dropped her a couple of bottles and a few notes at Lucasfilm. She would have probably loved the little gift if she were still alive.

Check out Carrie Fisher's heartbreaking performance in Star Wars: The Last Jedi which is currently screening in cinemas.

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